Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"It's not impossible I'm knitting a ranch house."

Tonight, I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's at the Brattle with Julia and Kate. Julia illustrated this book on Audrey Hepburn, which is officially out January 25th. I can't wait!
On our way there, we admired the windows of Anthropologie, and I fell in love with this room installation. I think it would be my dream reading corner.
 Though I have seen Breakfast at Tiffany's millions of times, this was my first time seeing it in a theater. I noticed so many things that I never have before, like that Holly keeps her lipstick and perfume in her apartment mailbox. (I notice new things every time I watch this movie, though, even on my little TV screen! There are so many beautiful details.)
"I have a strange feeling that the blueprints and my knitting instructions got switched. It's not impossible I'm knitting a ranch house."
On the way home, I stopped at the corner market since I had no food in my apartment and we are having a snow day tomorrow! I love snowed-in days. I got soup, bread, and nutella. :)
I plan to spend the day painting, watching movies, and eating lots of nutella.
I hope you all have a beautiful wednesday!


A Painted Journey said...

Oh, that sounds like a heavenly day, honey! Remember the excitement in the house when we learned school had been cancelled due to snow?

Sounds like you had a lovely evening. When I read your quotation I could literally hear it being said in Audrey Hepburn's unique and beautiful voice.

Well, enjoy the day, honey. Love you! ... Mummy

Ivy Black said...

Sounds fantastic! x said...

I had fun! let's do it again.