Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pencil case

I'm working on a drawing that had me thinking about my favorite things, and it triggered a memory of getting my first pencil case. 
It was a pink box with lots of compartments inside. I saw it at TJ Maxx, and my Nana ended up getting it for me as a surprise for the beginning of first grade.
I love how being an artist allows me to forever enjoy things like pencil cases. In general, I feel like artists (and all curious-minded people) get to continually be amazed by things typically only loved by children. It makes me feel very grateful.
This is the pencil case I've used the past couple of years. I love the use of a scene as a pattern, the cowboy theme, and the vinyl material.

I hope you're all having a beautiful week! How is the weather treating you?
I'll be back tomorrow with a new painting.

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Fritzi Marie said...


I am a sucker for things like pencil cases too. I think you are so lucky to work where you do and see pretty things all day long.

My first grade pencil case was a gift from my Grandfather. He took me to the Hello Kitty store and let me pick it out. I was way into My Melody and unicorns back then.

love love,