Friday, January 14, 2011

new painting and year of the rabbit winners!

"subsequently, I try (I thought you'd be my best friend)"
acrylic on masonite, 11x14"
I'm so sorry I'm announcing the giveaway winner a day late. I am writing from the AIB computer lab, as during the snow storm, our cable lines collapsed onto our house rendering me cable-less until Sunday. It's actually been nice not having the internet to distract me. I can't believe how much work I get done without it.
All the comments you guys left on the giveaway post (and all the new 'follows' and 'likes') really touched me, so I decided to draw two winners instead of just one. 
And they are Diane and Jocelyn!
Thank you so much to everyone who entered. There are many more giveaways to come.
I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


Amanda said...

Congrats to the winners!

Fritzi Marie said...

Dearest Amanda,

I am in love with this new lady. I wish I could go a few days without the internet. Forced time out because I can't ever stay away too long on my own.
Congtratulations to the winners.

love love,
p.s. Have fun on your days off.

Frank Zweegers said...

Nice painting. Very original.

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

thank you! :)