Friday, February 25, 2011

dreaming of summer on coney island

This past summer, I spent the fourth of July weekend in New York City with my friend Nicole. On the 4th of July itself, we decided to venture off to Coney Island (and I never posted the pictures here).
I am scared of heights, so going on the ferris wheel was a small but great personal accomplishment! I feel prepared to take on the London ferris wheel now.
The tickets were expensive, so we only ended up going on two rides (the ferris wheel and the haunted house!), but they were worth every penny.
This prediction-giving Grandma gave me a wonderful fortune.
I love the history and romance of Coney Island. I wish I could travel back in time and spend just one night in the Elephant hotel. 
I'd originally put off doing this post back in July because I wanted to include all this historical information, which I still do not have as I haven't done much reading on the subject yet. Still, the winter makes me miss days like the one I spent on Coney Island with my friend and so I thought it was a good night to post these pictures.
I hope to return this summer. :)


Deno's Wonder Wheel Park said...

Congrats on conquering your fear of heights and riding the Wonder Wheel! Lovely photos of Coney and the timing couldn't be better. Coney Islands "officially" open for the season on the weekend of April 16 & 17. See you soon!

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

thaaank you!! :)