Monday, March 14, 2011

picture books

I discovered these books in the bookcase of my friend Renee, and now I want them so much!
and Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s, also by Rian Hughes:
They're filled with the most colorful, beautiful vintage illustrations.
The color palettes alone are so inspiring.
We have snow today! Oddly, I do not mind. I finally finished my artist statement, sent it off, and walked to the grocery store to buy cookie dough. Whether it becomes cookies or is eaten as-is: to be determined later.


A Painted Journey said...

I vote for eating it as cookie dough :) Awesome books!! Love, Mummy

Ivy Black said...

Fantastic books. I love vintage illustrations. xx

Vintage Ladies Hats said...

Vintage illustrations are just awesome and these books are definitely pretty interesting. Thank you for sharing these to all of us. All the best to you! :)

Holly Hall said...

Those look amazing!