Wednesday, March 2, 2011

camera obscura

I've had the same camera for about 7 years now, which basically means it's on its way out. Sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it makes everything pink. Today it was behaving strangely, so I took some pictures of my room. I can't believe how everything outside my windows turned into some kind of psychedelic hot pink alternate universe!
Oh, and happy March! Here's to going out like a lamb.


Ivy Black said...

Lovely shots, Amanda. I like the pink's very enigmatic!xx

lindsey said...

loving all the shots as well (pink or no pink)!!! and i have a thing for owls. your collection is very cool.


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

There is an antique barn in new hampshire, and the whole top floor is all owls that belonged to this one woman who collected them her whole life. That's where I got the white and brown owl, on two different trips! I got the white one first, then found the brown one later and knew they belonged together and had to be reunited! haha.