Wednesday, March 18, 2009

en transit

These are my birthday presents for Ely, the boy I used to babysit. He's my kindred spirit in a number of ways. I got the combination journal/sketchbook (!!) at Borders on sale for $2! I got one for me too. I got the Westminster Abbey and bicycle at the antique store in nyc. 
I learned how to draw biplanes and ships (both clipper and steamer) by watching Ely draw them, so old fashioned modes of transportation always remind me of him.
Old cigarette cards are pretty neat.
 I love old ships, planes, and trains. I think it's because they represent a time when traveling was rare, exotic, and really did take you to another world. TV and movies weren't how they are today. There were far less glimpses into other ways of life in the early to mid 1900s. Visiting another country must have been such an unexpected adventure.
And speaking of old planes, there is an amazing spread in British Vogue this month... absolutely gorgeous.
& le Tigre with newly gessoed masonite. :)
Happy birthday Ely and Courtney!!!

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