Sunday, March 1, 2009

some kind of wonderful

Hi everyone! The SPIN show is tonight at 6pm at Rescue in Allston, 252 Brighton Ave! The 66 Bus will drop you off right in front of it. After party at Deep Ellum. Kevin did an interview about the show - you can read it here.
"When T.S. Eliot is under my pillow."
12.5" x 12.5" framed
"My allegory, your metaphor."
12.5" by 12.5" framed
Sorry my pictures are so bad! It was oddly difficult to get good photos of the records, famed and unframed, and I had no time to scan them.
I was there when the hanging of the show began last night, and it looks very nice! 
And snow tonight!!! I do love wearing dresses in the snow.
I hope to see you there!


WoolenSails said...

Great medium for your art. I hope the show does well.
We got the snow too, had enough of it;)


Jill said...

Hi Amanda..I will try again!
I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED your art on the old records....looked great! Hope your show went well!