Thursday, March 5, 2009

pine bows weren't meant to snap.

Moleskin pages 55 & 56
Hey everybody!
 Boston's Daily Candy has a small bit about The Sketchbook Project, and there's also some more press on SPIN. I am getting so excited for to see all the sketchbooks at Laconia tomorrow! Art House has made their website a little like an artist "facebook" where you can friend other people involved in the projects and look at pictures of what they're working on. I'm so excited to actually get to touch and look through all the awesome sketchbooks I've been seeing on the site.
Also, do you remember when I wrote about cat kisses? When cats blink their eyes slowly at you, they are giving you their equivalent of a kiss. Well, I just found out what dog kisses are! When dogs get really excited, they yawn and kind of stretch their head to the side and then back. And that is a dog kiss! I think it's important to know and understand when animals are giving you their best form of affection so we can give it back, with human kisses!!
We used to try and get O'Malley to howl when we'd "sing" with Gizmo, but he never could! He tried a couple of times, but he'd kind of just be wincing in the back of his throat. While we'd be doing this, he'd be yawning and thrashing his head from side to side. And now I know he was giving us kisses! He was such a good boy. I miss him a lot.


WoolenSails said...

Both my cat and dog give actual kisses. And my dog talks, when he is excited to see me or upset when I leave him.


Amanda Atkins said...

awww, so cute!! What's your dog's name?