Thursday, February 26, 2009

I mean, it's not impossible that I'm knitting a ranch house.

Lately I've been basking in the idea of future apartments-
Finding flea market furniture and painting it beautiful colors, the seemingly unending supply of  girls with clipper ships prints on etsy to hang on walls, and every young 20 something's dream: buying a big bed at IKEA (right?).
I confess I  buy small things now in preparation of this apartment. I like buying dishes and glasses (usually plastic from the children's dining area of target and involving animals and/or lunch tray-style compartments...they're cute!). I recently acquired two rubber ducks for the tub - one in navy blue and one in hunter green.
Pictured above:
Green bird lamp - Christmas Tree Shop, $9
Hardy Boys: Mystery of the Whale Tattoo book - Viviana's Vintage, $5
Little boy with dog print - yardsale, 99 cents
Sweet dreams, everyone. :)


WoolenSails said...

Even though I do a lot of primitive, I love unique and folk art too. I have a collection of cats, including a Bustamante cat egg. I even have a couple of dragon cats, love unusual ones. I love so many different things, including whaling and ships. That will be my dream basement. I want to do it like a the captains quarters on an old ship.


nburnor said...

i love this xoxo