Friday, February 20, 2009

For the canines

Non-Profit Print at Wall Blank!!!
Hi everyone!! I've been honored with the chance to sell a limited edition print of "I was too young to know how to love her (Conifer stay with me)" through Wall Blank, of which all proceeds will go to one of my favorite organizations, The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs.
The prints are 9x12" archival pigment prints.
(watermark will not appear on print)
These prints are a limited edition of 150 (and I will not be making my own prints of this painting again for at least one year). They are priced at $20 and available for one week or until sold out.
To buy one, visit here.
Some dogs from The Sanctuary:
Monroe when he arrived at The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs.
Monroe after spending some time at The Sanctuary!
Annie Brown, one of Sanctuary's therapy dogs.
Katie, a 14 year old pug mix, currently up for adoption!!
The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs provides a loving environment for aging dogs surrendered by shelters, animal control, and individuals until "forever homes" are found for them. They strive to house the dogs in foster homes and to create a safe place much warmer than any shelter.
Thank you so much!!


Kate said...

Congrats! What a great print to do with Wall Blank!

rachel_jackson said...

sanctuary for senior dogs!!!

Amanda Atkins said...

yes! Rachel is the one who introduced me to the sanctuary for senior dogs. and I love it so much! shthanks guys :)