Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Raven of the Radio

I finished a new Paper Doll today:
Radio Raven. She's a jazz singer from the 1940s, most famous for her radio performances.
I also decided to make a Paper Doll three-Pack for my shop! I like things that come in packs. They are fun and mean savings. ($$).
I've been feeling kind of blog-shy lately. As my blog has become more attached to my etsy shop, I'm getting visitors from all over and lots of sweet comments. This makes me so happy, and is something I've always dreamed of, and yet I find myself sharing less than I used to in regards of personal photos, personal thoughts, etc. I think subconsciously I'm almost weeding posts down to business-specific topics. Does anyone else that keeps a blog for their business, but who also likes to be personal in their posts, 
ever feel this shyness? 
When I first made the blog, I was still in art school. I didn't even tell my friends about it, and pretty  much only my mom read it. Eventually, I linked it to my facebook so friends and classmates could see it. As I started doing shows in Boston and giving out cards, I was getting more hits from local cities. For some reason, none of these things made me feel very shy. Now that I'm pursuing Etsy again, I'm becoming part of a blogging community where I know who is reading the blog and I'm reading their blogs as well, and while I love it, 
I feel a little awkward. Maybe I like being behind 
the scenes more than I thought.
Maybe it's just part of growing up. It's odd when your work is something so personal and close to your heart, anyway, so it's only natural that it's always going to be evolving and changing, and weaving its way in and out of your personal life. I've been feeling transitional and strange lately, anyway. Whenever life feels weird, I just try to have faith that things will feel back to normal soon.
I hope you're all having a wonderful middle of the week! I should be back soon with a painting, and hopefully something more personal.


Kirsty said...

Your art work is fantstic!

So unique! :)

Love Kirsty .x.

nburnor said...

love love love


madeleine said...

I totally agree about the shyness thing - it's weird that something so public can be so intimate and vice versa. Still, your artwork is gorgeous (why can't i find underwear like Radio Raven's????), and balance is always an unbalanced thing.

(also also, I know I left you feedback on etsy, but I really couldn't be happier with the print! although, I keep looking at the fox and thinking "hmm, a fox tattoo on my wrist would be nice....")


Amanda Atkins said...

Hi Madeleine!
Thanks for the comment. It's oddly comforting to know that other bloggers feel the same way; it lets me know I can persevere through the shyness.
I've been looking for underwear like Raven's for about a billion years with no luck. That's why it pops up in my artwork fairly often (it kind of makes me feel like I own a pair, haha).
I'm so glad you love the print!!! I think a fox would make an excellent tattoo for you! I have no tattoos myself, but that's why I like painting tattooed ladies - I live vicariously through them. :)
Amanda <3