Wednesday, September 1, 2010

and the roses ran rampant

Teeny Tiny Show VII piece:
"Sparrow Jacobs and the Secret of the Unkempt Florals"
8x10", acrylic and watercolor on coffee-stained paper.
Happy September, everyone!
It's stiflingly hot here today, but I'm so excited for the fall weather that's to come.
I'm vowing to start blogging more often again. I miss reading all your blogs and the motivation that it gives me to keep making work.
I hope you're all having a very beautiful week.


Fritzi Marie said...

Dearest Amanda,

I am loving these tea stained portraits. They are beautiful, just like you. I think that summer is always a busy time and blogging naturally takes a back seat. Just think of the cool, fall days where you can cuddle up with your favorite blogs and they will be all new and fresh. That will be fun. I can't wait to show you where I have featured your beautiful prints in my new home. I am so in love with them.

love love,

cArLa said...

happy september to you too amandakins... we are experiencing late summer weather and it's finally getting cooler and a lot bearable to sleep at night. this is a beautiful painting, i love the bouquets! xoxo

Amanda Atkins said...

I can't wait to see where you hung them, and I was so excited to see it was you who ordered Zelda from my etsy shop a few days ago. She will be shipping out soon :)! I hope you love your new home. :)

And thank you, Carla! Yes, I can't wait for the fall weather. It is going to be so wonderful...

Kate said...

I love this piece. Especially the scale of the figure! Tres bon.

Amanda Atkins said...

shpanks, Kate :)