Sunday, September 12, 2010

country mouse, city mouse

The weather here is so beautiful now. Everything is so perfectly autumn.
I found this hydrangea today. My room is always full of dead and dry branches and flowers, but I love it that way.
Also, I'm so excited for this!
On September 25th, I will be at MICE selling prints, postcards, framed things, and some surprises if I can work out the kinks. It's being held at my alma mater this year, AIB!
Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo
September 25th, 2010
10 a.m to 6 p.m
The Art Institute of Boston
700 Beacon St. Boston, MA
I attended Dr. Sketchy's with some friends today, so I'll try to scan those drawings soon.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


lindsey said...

what a cute picture of you. this makes me miss my blue hydrangea bush from mississippi! wishing you good luck at the comics expo.


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Thank you, Lindsey!

Kitty said...

Oh, I wish I could go. Dear Lindsey is right, you look so pretty in this photo.

love and hugs,