Tuesday, September 21, 2010

stars speak autumn

"all I wanted (constellations)"
black and white pencil on kraft paper
--- So last night when I wrote about my constellation-finding tools, it was because I was making the above drawing. I love the moon, and how it waxes and wanes itself back and forth, and the beautiful organic shapes its craters make for us from our distant place on earth. I also love how beautifully black, gray, and white it is, in such a luminous way.
This drawing contains four constellations: two symbolic, and two of my favorites (a major and minor). If you're a pro, you can probably name them. :)
Ironically, today at work I got to make a large moon (with pine tree silhouettes in front of it!) for the ever-progressing Halloween window at work.
The funnest part about working on this window is how it makes all the older people (aka adults) walking by on the street smile. I love when adults get into holidays that are normally just a big deal to kids. I'll post pictures of it when it's all done.
I hope you're all having a wonderful autumn week! It's been so beautiful here in Boston.
Lots of love,

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A Painted Journey said...

Oh, I LOVE that!!! It is beautiful! And I'm afraid all I know is the big and little dipper... I'm so glad you are enjoying autumn in the city. And I loved your notations of the older people who get excited about the window display and holidays! Enjoy the 80's tomorrow, honey!... Love, Mummy