Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I don't seek; I find.

My favorite place to be in my room lately is my writing (aka laptop) desk under the fireplace mantel.
An old photo of my Nana and Grampa
stars, bovines, and birds
crystal-eyed cat (half of a salt and pepper shaker set)
My mom gave me these lamps for my birthday last year. They have small cutouts in the shape of stars all over them, and the light they give off is really warm and yellow.
I got this old photograph over the summer and finally hung it over the mantel. I love it so much - it's an old camp cabin named "The Hemlock." Hemlock is one of my favorite words (a lot of my favorite words are various names for trees in the conifer family), and I have a weird nostalgic sentiment for summer camps of the early to mid 1900s. 
I hope you're all enjoying the approaching winter! I think half the reason I've been loving this part of my room so much lately is the warm light. It's getting dark so early now!! 
I've been working on a few little things that should be finished and scanned soon.
I hope you all have a beautiful thursday!


A Painted Journey said...

I love this part of your room, too! And you are so creative with the angles you photograph from :) It all looks so beautiful, warm, and inviting. I think it's so interesting that you are drawn to early 1900's cabins. I remember the day you got that framed photo - it is so beautiful! It looks perfect hanging by the fireplace!... Love, Mummy

lindsey said...

loving this post. as well as the word hemlock! we have tons of hemlock trees surrounding us. happy thursday!