Tuesday, November 16, 2010

our own little black bear

This is the newest member of our family, Jarrett!
We are taking him for one of our relatives who had to move. I'm so excited to have a dog in my life again!
He has a cute old man muzzle and a baritone voice.
Since I was home for a couple of days, I got my hair cut (a lot). I've been going to the same place since my first haircut when I was 11. Salons are the kind of place a person can become sentimentally attached to (a person like me, anyway). I love that the people are still the same, and that they've kept the beautiful tiled ceiling from the early 1900s (it has pinecones on it). I like to think that this is where I will always get my hair cut.
I hope you all had a wonderful start to your  week!
Oh, P.S. - the post cards are now in the shop here.


Chhan said...

Love your drawings :D

Amanda Atkins said...

thank you! :)

A Painted Journey said...

I love this post - the Jarret part and the sentimentality (even about a hair salon) part! I agree wholeheartedly. And sweet Jarret DOES look like a little black bear! haha ... Love, Mummy