Sunday, November 2, 2008


      I just realized that if I ever were to have a pug, one of his nick-names would probably be Pugaboo. My family tends to give all the animals numerous nicknames. I know Malley and Gizzy had about ten each. I tend to call creatures in general "Buggy" and "Bugaboo" a lot, so Pugaboo would seem only natural.
     My first dog on my own will be some ginormous mutt from a shelter or pound. So Pugaboo will have to wait for my pug rescuing days, which no doubt will come at some point in my life.
    Sometimes I can't get over how beautiful animals are. Just look at them. Right now is one of those moments. And I like it.
           This Wednesday I'm going to the MFA with Kate to see the Rachel Whiteread installation, which Kate wrote about on her blog. At some point I also want to head over to Oak, mentioned in the post below. I'm hanging a little show in a small cafe in Davis Sq. this week, which I'll write more about when the time comes! Fall feels like it's coming to an end. I feel like it just flew by. I usually love the winter, but this year I feel like I'm already looking forward to spring.

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