Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of some etsy purchases.
This beautiful octopus brooch (from westergard) ! 
(photo seller's own)
And, from another seller, a zine that is a compilation of love letters from the 30s (all between the same man and woman, who happened to be college professors) which the seller found in a goodwill bin.
I can't wait till these things come in the mail!!
This is one of my favorite parts of Lady and the Tramp. I love the music and the little town glowing in the dark winter. Old Disney movies have so much charm and feeling and warmth. I don't think it will ever be replicated.
And a little bit of information that I discovered today - you can FINALLY get Hey Arnold (full seasonsss!!!) on DVD! I am so excited. I'm not lying when I say I've been waiting for this for years. Hey Arnold is probably my favorite Nickelodeon cartoon ever. It felt like such a secret little world. And watching it still gives me this great feeling of escape (weird? maybe. I do not care!). 
Plus, Arnold had THE coolest bedroom:
A new painting is in the works, and I'm making my way through the teeny tiny art show pieces. So I promise there will be art to show soon!
Love, Amanda

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