Wednesday, January 21, 2009

rail bird

Some things have happened to my lap top, and I can't do or show much until I get an external hard drive. My friend Matt was very helpful in the midst of all my 5 am computer turmoil. 
Tonight I was waiting for the 12:20 am train at my usual stop. There's a fir tree there that, in daylight, is always full of chirping birds. Their noises are very warbly and lend sense to the theory that birds come from dinosaurs.
I was so surprised that I could hear them at such a late hour of the night, but they were all awake in that tree and fluttering around within the safeguards of its branches and talking to each other. It was cold and dark out and I really needed to hear those birds. They always make me feel a little happier in the day time, so it was especially nice to hear them at night when I so least expected it.
I wonder if city birds stay up late, kind of like city people.
Or maybe it's just all the lights, and the noise, especially since they live next to a train track. I wonder why they'd choose such a home.
In any case, I'm glad they are there.

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