Saturday, January 10, 2009

tug the tugboat, pull on heart strings.

Teeny Tiny Art Show IV piece:
"I counted ships like stars."
acrylic on wooden necklace, 2x3"
I finally have a teeny tiny show piece to reveal! There will be a few of these wooden multi-strand necklaces in the show. I'm not entirely sure of what I'll be painting on each necklace as of right now, but I know at least one or two will have mini portraits painted on them.
They'll be signed, dated, and titled on the back!
I felt the need to photograph my painting table tonight. I had so many things that I love within eye sight. Including....
My new biplane! 
As soon as I saw it I just had to have it, because I have loved biplanes ever since the idea of biplane wallpaper popped into my head for "The Escapist" painting. And...I didn't think I'd ever find a plane so perfect again.
I hope you all had a wonderful week. The winter makes time feel so stagnant. 
Before I go, I want to say a big thank you to my very good friend Rachel Jackson. She was the winning bidder on my print! Thanks to her, a donation is being made to The Bunky Walton Fund, which will go towards aiding those who need help paying for their pet's veterinary care. Thank you, Rachel, for being a wonderful friend, to me and to animals!
 Enjoy your weekend, everyone. :)
love, me

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Kate said...

The necklace is truly beautiful. I don't know how you can part with it.