Monday, January 19, 2009

dream bed

I love this bed. It's called the "under the apple tree bed", by Attila Design on etsy. It looks like a bed I've seen before, but I can't remember who it was by. It was wrought iron, and the branches curved up and over so it was like you were sleeping under real trees. You could hang things from the branches, like stars or little poems.
Beds are meant to be so many things. Everyone's bed should be special.
Someday, I am going to build a bed with someone and it will be fantastic.
p.s. - I added new music to the blog: Fleet Foxes. They are beautiful and sound like John Denver meets Ray LaMontagne. You can scroll down and hit play to listen.


Jamie said...

neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetooooooooo I want that bed.

Kat said...

Anthropologie has a canopy bed that's made out of metal that looks similar for $6,000, but the one you *may* be talking about is by Shawn lovell - with a $15,000 price tag