Saturday, January 31, 2009

no more speculation

Teeny Tiny Art Show IV pieces:
left: "you & me"
right: "no more speculation"
acrylic on wooden plaques
approximately 3x5"
The Teeny Tiny Art Show is less than a week away! I'm getting excited.
Life has been very busy lately with many different art-related things. I like it that way, though.
The other morning I made tea at 6 am for probably the first time since I was in college, and the scent of it just brought me back to those mornings. This is tea that I drink everyday, but for some reason it smelled so much stronger that early in the morning, and that stronger scent is tied to memories of college mornings before class. All I could figure is that our sense of smell is heightened in the morning, giving my early in the day tea a life all its own.
Tomorrow morning I'm delivering all my work for the Tiny show up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire!
I'll be back soon with more pictures of work and some other things.
Love, Amanda 


Cance said...

congratulations on your latest work and show. i wanted to tell you that i'm a big fan of your work, and i used one of your pieces in a blog feature of mine. best wishes!

WoolenSails said...

Good luck with the show. My husband is working in kittery this weekend, so has a hotel in Portsmouth. Is there a link for the show?


Amanda Atkins said...

Thank you both so much! the link for the show is: I'd love to see you there!

WoolenSails said...

Thanks for the link. Looks like a lot of great artists and pieces.