Tuesday, May 12, 2009

and suddenly it's spring.

Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I can't figure out quite why but I've been feeling blog-shy lately.
These are some pictures I recently took of our crab apple trees (sans the purple flower shot in the middle). The crab apple trees blossom every year for about a two week period, and after the first rain comes their petals blanket the ground, making it nice to lay on.
I love being in the grass. I like being surrounded by moss and dirt and leaves and flower remnants. I like being bare foot. Something like Contessa, whoever she was. I like her name, and how she so easily becomes a noun.
I think there's less to say on the blog in the spring and summer months. Blogs are kind of like the indoors. They're like little cozy rooms in and of themselves. We decorate them the way we'd decorate our bedrooms. The colors we like, the pictures we hang, the corners filled with our favorite things. And cozy rooms are more for the fall and winter.
When spring comes, the indoors begin to feel impersonal. They kind of lose all their feeling. Maybe everything alive about them leaves to go outside. And so we should do the same.
I'll have new work to show soon, and I hope you're all having beautiful spring weeks.
(all words and pictures copyright amanda atkins)

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