Tuesday, May 5, 2009

patches of plaid

"the unanswerable question"
sketchbook pages
I finished The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen a few nights ago. Even though it was a very happy book, the ending still made me cry a lot. It was such a heartfelt book and I highly recommend it!
Every time I ride the train, I look out the window for almost the entire ride in hopes of seeing a deer (especially if it's early morning or in the evening), and last week I finally saw one! He was running up a hill right beside the train. I also saw lots of cows and it made me remember how much I love them. I think they're my favorite farm animal. There's something so gentle about them. They are like gentle giants. They remind me of dogs for some reason.
All the trees in our yard are flowering. It's laying in the grass time again.
I hope you're all enjoying spring!
Love, Amanda

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