Thursday, May 21, 2009

little tree

I've been in love with the shape of all different kinds of pine trees for about two years now, more than I've been in love with any other shape in my life I think. I draw them and stare at them all the time. They are hidden in almost all of my artwork from the past two years, in pictures and in titles.
 My favorite kind to draw are the ones with the upswept branches, and then strands of needles dangle down so abruptly, like clumps of prickly fur. It's such a quick shape to capture. It's so expressive and alive. I love it so much.
So over the past couple of days I've been making one, to translate my drawings into a 3D shape.
I'm considering glazing it with a dark blue to make it that deep blue-y green color that I love on pine trees. I think I'm going to sleep on that idea, though.
Mesh Wire Tree Sculpture with Tissue
approximately 6"w x 15"t
I hope you feel like a real tree.
In a real forest.

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