Friday, May 15, 2009

bovines & deirdre

"Stella and Deirdre"
Sketchbook pages
I love all the cow tote bags in Strand Redesign's shop, but I can't really afford much these days. BUT, these "scrap" screen prints were only $3 a pair! They're 9" square. I think I'm going to frame one and maybe sew the other one onto something. I love cows SO much. I think I realized the full extent of my love for them when I was on the train one day a couple of weeks ago. I always make sure to look out the window when the train goes by the cow pasture, and on this particular day all the cows were right next to the fence and so close. I just wanted to lay on the grass with them and kiss their foreheads and cow snouts (I know I sound like a freak). I also always think of the scene in Darjeeling Limited where the cows are wearing the white flowers and everything is white. The cows are so comforting in that scene. So beautiful. Also, last spring I became enamored with the word "bovine." What a lovely word for cows.
On Mother's Day, I went to green houses with my mom. I found this fallen flower on the ground and brought it home with me.
I hope you're all having a beautiful week!

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