Thursday, October 15, 2009

black and white photo of lovers #4

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd.
I couldn't decide on just one photo. George is my favorite Beatle, and Pattie is the reason my mom loved combining lime green and navy blue pieces for outfits in the 60s (and also there were lots of cool black and white photos of them...and one in blue :).


WoolenSails said...

I like the third one the best, but not sure what you are using it for? I like your newest sketch too, wish I could do people. I would love to redo my banner with a more colonial and ship look and me quilting or hooking, lol.


Amanda Atkins said...

haha, I'm actually not using the photos for anything. last fall i would put up pictures of couples that i liked, and over time i noticed the photos were always black and white, so i started numbering the posts and calling them "black and white photo of lovers #2" etc. I usually just do one picture but this time I couldn't decide.
I'd love to see a banner with a nautical theme! Though I do love the banner you have now, as well.

Andi B. Goode said...

Sigh. They're one of my favourite couples. (Not to say I don't like Olivia - she and George only made one of THE most beautiful men ever to exist).
-Andi x

A Painted Journey said...

Ahhh, yes...the magical sixties... Those were the days!

Yes, Patti Boyd was a model and some magazine did a whole spread of her wearing just navy blue and lime green outfits. To this day I love that color combination! And he was always my favorite Beatle, too, as you well know!!! Although Paul was just soooooo darned nice!!!... Love, Mumsy

dy said...

these are cool photos :)