Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Bunky Walton Fund

I've listen another tattooed lady print on etsy to benefit The Bunky Walton fund. It's a wonderful foundation that raises and provides money to pet-owners who don't have enough income to pay for their pet's vet bills and medication.
When I volunteered at Buddy Dog, we'd sometimes receive dogs who were tied to the front steps overnight with notes from their owners. The notes were heartbreaking: people who loved their pet so much, but couldn't afford to take care of it, or even the fee that shelters charge to bring your pet in. These animals often had health problems that meant costly medication and expensive vet bills. 
My favorite dog who came this way was a rottweiler named Keyser. He had to have one of his eyes removed during his time at Buddy Dog (he had a bad eye infection, one of the reasons his owners couldn't afford to take care of him), but he was such a trooper. He touched my heart so much and if I'd been on my own and in a position to adopt a dog, I would have taken him home with me immediately (I remember buying him a pink stuffed pig toy, and how he'd cry when I left. Out of all the dogs I met and loved at Buddy Dog, I think I had my most special connection with him). I'm happy to say he was adopted shortly after his eye surgery.
The stories of these dogs and cats make me so sad, because they don't understand that their owners love and want them so much, but can't afford to give them the care that they need. I love the Bunky Walton Fund because it's doing its best to make sure these pets don't have to be given up by their owners.
So the print is available here, and though the Bunky Fund doesn't have its own site, you can read some info about them here. Full proceeds of the print go to the organization, and I'm shipping the print for free. :) And I want to say thank you to those of you who bought the charity prints I've done in the past. It means so much to me that you help me donate money to all the wonderful animal foundations there are out there.
P.S. - Keyser was adopted before I ever brought my camera in (if only I had a picture of he and I together! I definitely printed one of the Buddy Dog web site so I'd have one, though :), but here are some pictures of some of the other dogs I loved at Buddy Dog:
Bonnie and Tina, two kind-hearted and loving beagle sisters who loved each other as much as they loved people.
The beautiful Samantha.
Scrunchy kisses from Bonnie.
me and Tina
Camera-shy Samantha.
I miss them so much! But I'm so glad they're in forever-homes now. :)


Lemondrop Marie said...

Such a wonderful post and thing to do from you! I am always heartbroken when visiting shelters. I love my own so much I would give up just about anything else first! All of my pets are rescued from the road or an animal shelter.

Andi B. Goode said...

What a great cause!

Amanda Atkins said...

thanks, andi and marie!!
marie - that's wonderful, I'm glad you rescue animals from shelters and even the streets. :)

rachel_jackson said...

the look samantha is giving in the picture where she is alone looks just like a rosie-look.

Amanda Atkins said...


Ancarol said...

Great post Amanda !! But it sounds sad :( Hoping they have owners sooooooon I don`t want to see they're cry!!

Amanda Atkins said...

Aww, don't worry Ancarol! The dogs in the pictures all have homes now. :)