Saturday, October 17, 2009

my baby girl

I don't like being away from her while I'm in the city and she is back at home! I go home and see her about once a week, which is nice, but cold nights here make me wish I had my Tiger to cuddle with me.
Cuddle your animals on behalf of Tiger and I tonight!
Love, me


A Painted Journey said...

I have actually carried Tiger into my bed for the past two nights where she 'allows' me to pet her for about 1 minute before trotting down to the foot of the bed, where she then jumps down to the stool and then onto the floor... no doubt on her way back to your bed... I try!!!... Love, Mumsy

Amanda Atkins said...

haha! awww, I'm sure she'll start sleeping in your bed pretty soon. I made the blankets on my bed very comfy for her so maybe she is enjoying it without me kicking her in my sleep at night. haha.

Kirsty said...

Awh what a cute little post! Tiger is so very cute :)
I will give my cats a cuddle on your's and Tiger's behalf :)

~ Kirsty x

WoolenSails said...

Nothing like a furry warm kitty to keep you company at night. Now that I have two girls, they prefer to dash around the house at night and seeing what trouble they get into.