Sunday, October 25, 2009

what I love. (and a dog named Joey)

patron saint of pigeons sketch
xoxo Amanda
(EDIT Oct. 28th: Joey has been adopted!!! Both dogs now have homes. :)
P.S. - Neko Case posted about these two dogs on her website: They're located in Seattle, Washington and need to find homes asap (they're unfortunately at a kill shelter, from what I understand) - Here's  Joey's adoption page, and Henry's page (though it seems he has been adopted already!). The original owner had not wanted the two dogs to be seperated. I'm posting this because I hope and wish and pray so much that someone will adopt Joey before anything happens! Thank you, my fellow animal lovers. :) Below is a picture of sweet Joey.


Kirsty said...

Hi Amanda!
Thank you for the lovely comment! :)
What a cute little post this is! I truly hope that the precious little pups find a home too! :)
I am going to London with my friend Madison for Halloween this year because some of America's favourite traditions are being brought over here :)
I may have to buy a witches hat! hehe :)
Hocus Pocus is a brilliant film! I can't wait to watch the film this year, it's a favourite halloween treat :)
What are you doing for Halloween?
~ Kirsty x

Amanda Atkins said...

yes yes be a witch! the night before halloween, i'm going to a costume party. the night of halloween i have to work, but i work in a bookstore in the center of boston with a big children's section, so i'm hoping lots of little kids in their costumes come through! (and people of all ages in costume, haha)

Kirsty said...

Awh wow! How lovely to work some where with little kids. They are the cutest, and Halloween is such a fun time of year for them :)

Have fun at the costume party to! What are you thinking of going as?

I think I will go as a witch, I'll have a look for an outfit when I go down to my local town tomorrow :) (haha!)

I will put a picture of where I have placed yout wonderful art work soon, so watch this space... (hehe) ;)

Have a lovely week Amanda! :)

~ Kirsty x