Friday, October 23, 2009

visiting authors

Today, my mom and I visited Concord!
We visited the Colonial Inn (allegedly haunted), the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (where all the authors are buried), the diner, Orchard House, and some antique stores.
We've been a couple of times in the past, but I think this is the perfect time of year to visit!
The Colonial Inn, where the haunted room lives. :) 
The ladies working at the inn let us visit the room.
We ate at the main street diner.
A 19th century Amanda!! :)
At Authors' Ridge in the Sleepy Hollow cemetery.
Henry David Thoreau. Pens, fruit, and a pumpkin have been left on his grave.
Giving a pine bough to Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Writing down my favorite quote by him.
"every word was once an animal."
Louisa May Alcott's grave: covered in pens, pennies, and pink glitter.
and also a bird's nest with a brooch placed in the middle. I thought the things that people left for her were very sweet and personal. I remember when I visited Emily Dickinson's grave in Amherst, people had sprinkled glitter on her grave as well. I like it.
At the Alcott's house.
the barn/school in the backyard.
Things from Concord today: swan spelling cards from the 1800s and wooden blue jay (early birthday presents from mom!), old brass pin-backs, and 25 cents-a-sheet stickers from the Alcott gift shop. Yay!
I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. The Brown project has been taking up all my art time, but beginning with November I'll have more art to show you! Enjoy the fall weather!
Love, me


WoolenSails said...

That looks like the perfect day and with the foliage in bloom, it is like stepping back in time. I like to visit graveyards to and read the stones and look for artwork. I always wonder who they were and what their lives were like. I will have to go up there sometime.


A Painted Journey said...

I had the most fantastic time yesterday, honey! Of course I always love our little day trips! ... Love Mumsy

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and especially your visit to Louisa May Alcott's grave. Come visit her at and learn about my biography coming out next week!

also on Facebook & twitter.

Harriet Reisen for Louisa May Alcott....

Chris said...

Stumbled across your blog today as I keep an eye on things written about Thoreau. I also just made my first trip there earlier this month. Went to Walden Pond and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. I was deeply moved by the experience, and I too sat at both the pond and the cemetery with my journal -- and wrote about it on my blog. Please allow me to share my similar experience to yours here. I'd be honored if you gave it a read:

rachel_jackson said...

my mom and i always go to concord when i am home too! did you go to nesting on main? the women who work there always recognize my mom and i...i love it. jeff and i went to authors ridge this summer and i liked seeing all the "offerings" there as well..

Amanda Atkins said...

That's so exciting that you have a biography on Louisa coming out next week! I work at a book store, I'll be on the look-out for it!!

Thank you for your comment! I know exactly what you mean about going somewhere and it feels like a homecoming because your emotions have been so attached to a person or thing that existed there, and you've never had a solid place to put those emotions before. I didn't feel quite that way on this trip, but I did the first time I found T. S. Eliot's house and heard someone playing piano inside. I will most certainly read your post about it!!

Debbie, you should definitely come to Concord!!!

Rachel, we went to Nesting. :) I love the lady who works there!

And mom, let's go back soon :)

Jill said...

OK.....I had no idea we were close to that cemetary! I got goosebumps in the Alcott house just hearing he was in there at one time! Love Thoreau.
That picture of your mom looks familiar...hehe
That diner looks familiar!
Loved the print and thank you for the extra touches!

Amanda Atkins said...

I'm not sure that at the time you visited my mom even knew we were that close to where thoreau was buried! You'll have to visit us again someday. :) And you're welcome!!! Hope you loved Elvis. ;)

Kirsty said...

This day looked like soooo much fun! The colours in the pictures are just perfect autumn colours! :)

Lovely post Amanda :)

~ Kirsty x

Amanda Atkins said...

Thanks, Kirsty!!!