Tuesday, March 2, 2010

in like a lion, out like a lamb.

Happy March!
These pictures have been on my desktop for a while: Drew Barrymore in Alexander McQueen. I love her, and I love this dress.
I also loved when Lady Gaga wore this solar system dress to the Grammy Awards, and how she and Drew both dyed the bottom half of their hair to shades that complimented the colors/concepts of the dresses they wore.
Have a great Tuesday! I'll be back with more paintings and sketches soon. :)


rachel_jackson said...

gosh drew's dress is gorgeous. and gaga, well, you know how i feel about her. <3

Amanda Atkins said...

the yellow with the black over-lay reminds me of the dress you wore to your show, rachel :)

Anonymous said...

i'm not familiar with Alexander McQueen's work, but that dress Drew Barrymore is wearing is spectacular. it really looks as thought he black outlines are actually drawn on her.