Friday, March 5, 2010

maps autumnal

"maps autumnal (deja vu tennessee)"
acrylic on masonite, 11x14"
Hello everyone! I hope you're having a nice start to the weekend.
This is a piece I "finished" recently, but it doesn't feel finished to me. It's an image I had in my head a long time before painting it, but I feel like something is missing. I know she doesn't have as many symbols and objects around her as the girls I usually paint, but when I thought of her, I really liked the idea of this simple image. I might just give a little more shading to her face and arms to give it a more finished look. Any thoughts?
She is kind of a tribute to Tennessee Williams. I was painting her in the midst of reading his essays and watching films of his plays, and I decided she had the feel of one of his female characters (he portrayed females so beautifully!).
I saw Alice in Wonderland today, and while it didn't fully live up to my expectations (or maybe I just didn't know what to expect), I really liked it and especially loved Anne Hathaway as The White Queen.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


madeleine said...

I love the neckline on her dress, and her hands, so graceful. I'm vaguely worried about seeing Alice in Wonderland, as it seems sort of impossible to live up to the hype surrounding it. Do you think it might be a victim of its own advertising and marketing?
Have a lovely weekend!

Amanda Atkins said...

thanks, madeleine!
Yes, Alice was good for the most part. The hype was so huge, it's always hard to know what to expect and if it's going to live up to it or not. The friend I went with said she felt like there wasn't really any explanation for anything in the plot, which was kind of true - like they just assume that everyone knows the story (which we do but I like it more when they assume we don't!).

Kate said...

I love the cascading curtain trees.

WoolenSails said...

I love the simplicity of the piece, but I think we are used to more details on your pieces. I keep seeing a pearl necklace, but she is wearing black earrings.


A Painted Journey said...

Oh, gosh, I just love this piece honey... The colors are just gorgeous! I love the trees and the curtains... I love it all! Mumsy