Monday, March 29, 2010

night brightener

I found this really sweet comment reply from Karen Finneyfrock on her own blog. My tattooed lady painting is on the cover of her new poetry book, Ceremony for the Choking Ghost. I've been feeling a little behind in my art lately, and finding this post tonight kind of boosted my spirits.
I started my new job today, and I can already tell I am going to love it, so I think things are going to feel better soon (the fact that spring is - for the most part - here helps, too). I'm still at my old job in addition to the new, and have been working at least 5 days a week (7 this week), so I apologize for my lack of commenting on all of your blogs and for not having any art to post on my own.
I started a new painting tonight that's actually almost done, and have a commissioned portrait I recently did that I'll be showing soon.
I hope you've all been having wonderful springtime weather!


madeleine said...

What a grand compliment! It's always so nice to know that the art&love you're putting out into world is loved in return. And it's Spring where you are - that's a surefire re-starter, isn't it? It's all hot and muggy and that sort of awful summer weather that is oppressive. We normally get a weeks worth of rain around Easter and then it cools down a bit.
I'm not sure which writers will be on my Women in Lit course yet, but I'm hoping that there'll be some obscurists as well as the classics, like Woolfe & Bronte etc. Now that they've lumped all the subjects under the one heading (Arts) people are a lot more dismissive of the degree, but if you nominate your major (English and history for me) then it pops up on all the paperwork. It's a bit bizarre.
I hope your week is wonderful and creative!
(ps sorry for the rambling long comment)

Parker said...

Dear Amanda,

Don't be too hard on yourself. A new job is one of the most stressful things you can put yourself through. I read that somewhere. YOU are amazing. Dan (my man) was so excited because he got an email a few weeks or so back from The Hugo House in Seattle and the very book with your painting on it's cover was featured in the email. I guess she was doing a reading at The Hugo House. I've been meaning to tell you how excited about it we were.
I hope to commission you to paint a photo of me someday.

Fritzi Marie

Amanda Atkins said...

Your comments always make me so happy! Please always ramble. :) It sounds like your major can be somewhat saved, afterall? That is so great. I look forward to hearing about the female writers you get to read. :)

Thank you for your sweet comment, and for telling me about the book cover in the Hugo House email! That's so exciting. I wish I was on the west coast sometimes where all of this stuff is happening! I hope all is well with you and Dan.