Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I wonder who it belonged to first.

Yesterday Mom and I went to Main St. on Clinton (across from the Strand, the very old and beautiful movie theater) to go to vintage shops. Clinton has really amazing vintage stores that have the kinds of things you dream of finding in such places. Viviana's Vintage is where I got all of these things. She has amazing vintage clothes, jewelry, hats, shoes, and art. These are the things that I got! I love this ring so much. It's a small glass dome with dried flowers inside of it. It immediately reminded me of a bell jar. A little bell jar I can wear on my hand! It's beautiful. I loved this fish-eye mirror because it's so nautical. I think it will look great on my future apartment's deep turquoise living room wall. :) I also got this scarf at Viviana's. I liked how it looked laying flat because it looked like Tiger was looking at her reflection in a little pool of water. I loved this photo. I have a thing for vintage photos, but of men in particular for some reason. They always seem to have the kindest smiles in the pictures I find. I loved this picture for the strong vertical lines the trees create. That's why I love to paint trees - the elegant shapes you can make with them, and the long lines they offer. And this ship - a handsome ship indeed.

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A Painted Journey said...

What a fun day that was :)