Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Once I wrote a poem about two white rabbits.

I always dream about animals. At varyng times in my life, I've dreamt of white badgers, birds of prey, sea creatures (presented to me by a man who wanted to be my lover), and so on. Last night I dreamt of my cat and a raccoon, both in the car with me and my mom, and not knowing what to do. I was afraid my cat would get hurt. But I wanted to spend time with the raccoon, who seemed so tame. In that car, I looked out the window and saw a white speckled owl walking the ground, pacing with his tallons as though he were human, looking down at something. I thought it was something he had killed to eat. Now I am not so sure. Animals mean so much to me in my daily life that they come to me in my dreams as symbols of things I can't understand. Until I do understand, I'll trust dream dictionary meanings. Because they haven't failed me yet.


rachel_jackson said...

you should make a series of narrative paintings/drawings about this dream. maybe it will be good for you right now.

Kate said...

I agree.

Amanda Atkins said...

i agree too. :)