Wednesday, October 29, 2008

birds through the lens

This box is from Homegoods. I think the bird wallpaper is just so beautiful! It's very golden-y and warm in person.
And...from the flea market in Keene, a brownie camera, just like the one my mom lost at the World's Fair when she was little! I used to display my Holga just to have a little black camera to look at, but now I have a real old one. :) As with all antiques, I wonder who it belonged to first. Whenever I see old mirrors, I wonder what reflections they've seen. What faces they've seen. I wish you could rewind and look back at what a mirror has seen like an old movie or something. I wonder who looked through the lens of this camera, and what pictures it took.
I can't wait until my room is done! I so so so much want to finish the painting I'm working on!!! 
We've been feeding a family of stray black cats lately. They're getting more and more used to us. They always come at midnight. I got fluff for my hot chocolate tonight, so I think I will go have some and wait for the kitties.