Saturday, October 11, 2008

October means the Big Draw.

"the camera lucida"
mixed media
2007 Last fall, I did a painting entitled "The Camera Lucida". I needed to refresh my memory of what the real Camera Lucidas looked like, so I did a google image search. I came across this awesome drawing of how-to make your own Lucida by Tim Hunkin (I think it's cool that he's an engineer and a cartoonist - I love when old/mechanical/intricate science or natural history lends itself to art). What I think is really neat is that this drawing isn't for a camera web site, it's for a drawing campaign! I love drawing as a means of communicating all kinds of ideas.
Having been a teacher's assistant for two years to a class that focused on learning to communicate through images in a sequence, I have a kind of radar for how-to types of comics. I really love this one, and the web site it came from is a really great message - getting everyone to draw!
I think I will be making my own Camera Lucida sometime soon...

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