Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Huntress

There are sketchbooks that are nice, and even though you aren't thinking when you draw in them, the drawings always come out nice. It's just the nature of the book. Then there are sketchbooks that are not nice. They're really rough, and it's the same level of non-thinking as in the nice sketchbook, but there's still this messiness that just comes about as though the whole thing were completely different. 
This drawing is from a messy sketchbook, but I've always loved it. I love the word "huntress," despite the fact that I don't particularly like hunting. I think I just love the female versions of words that are typically masculine - empress, for example. Huntress, however, is my favorite. I also like the idea of a female searching for something being called a Huntress. Hunting for love, hunting for something secret, hunting for a purpose only she can possess. 
I've done so many paintings revolving around this word that never come out how I want them to. I know that someday I'll get it right. For now, this sketchbook page came the closest to the image of Huntress I have in my head and heart. 
Huntress is the woods. It's deer. It's hunter green and dirt and evergreens and pine trees. It's where my art has been roaming around for the past year. It's a word that is close to me. I like how everyone has beautiful words that are special to them for whatever reason. Sometimes just because they sound lovely. And then from that loveliness we derive our own meanings. 
And that's all for tonight.

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