Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am a lady from mars, and I can unscrew the stars.

I'm absolutely enchanted by Ingrid Michaelson's new album Be OK. You know when you find an album that, in its entirety, completely fits exactly where you are in your life at the moment? I'm so glad I bought this one. Every song is perfect. I can't stop listening to "The Chain", and her version of "Over the Rainbow" is very beautiful. "Giving up" is the song I have playing on here now. Sigh. Sometimes I'm just so grateful for music.
This picture of Ingrid is right up my ally! As will be further proven by the painting I have to post tomorrow...I love old cameras. And I like the mona lisa-esque quality of that photo!
Lately I've been listening to the Darjeeling Limited soundtrack, and just thinking about last fall and the feeling it all gives me. I haven't seen that movie since I saw it in the theater. There's this one scene that I've been trying to find a still of to post here - when the decorated cows walk by in the funeral procession wearing flowers, and there's just music and everything is white. That scene made me cry like nothing else in the movie. Maybe it was how much a part of it the cows were and how sacred they seemed, as though the innocence of animals could help heal the pain of death. I get so touched by how unaware animals are of the comfort they give us. The things people find comfort in while in their weakest moments is a soft spot I have, hence all the sentimentality I put in inanimate objects. I think about that scene a lot. I'd like to watch that movie again soon.


Kate said...

We shall watch it soon my dear.

A Painted Journey said...

Wow... you have an incredible gift with your sensitivity and the way you are able to transfer emotions and feelings to the written word. I love reading your blog...