Saturday, October 18, 2008


  I have an affinity for things that are usually white, but in rare cases are black. More than anything else, this includes pearls and swans. I think it would be so lovely to own a strand of black pearls. The necklace at right was purchased at a fall church fair last weekend. I knew I wanted to paint a girl wearing a strand of black pearls, and then the painting evolved to include my black swan (I painted a girl with a black swan last fall, as well).  At first I had intended for the colors to be teal and sea green, very watery colors, but the palette ended up being really retro and I like it! She will be in the Teeny Tiny Art Show at the Three Graces Gallery in February.
  "Your secrets felt like velvet."
  acrylic on masonite
  This photo came out a little grainy, and the colors are brighter in person. I will scan her soon!   Happy that my sweater matches my painting! And more accurate colors for the piece.   And...something else that is black and white, our beautiful skunk flower who comes to eat peanuts on our deck every night! Look at her little hind paw!!! We tried to feed her an apple with peanut butter, but she sniffed it and ran away! 
  This weekend I will be working on my painting for that artist trade I mentioned earlier. I'm so excited about it! I'm going to sleep now. My dreams have been strange lately. I hope they are good tonight.


Krista Swiader said...

I actually have a genuine black pearl necklace. It's so gorgeous, it's like a rainbow on a black surface. I just wish I had more occasions to wear them.

Amanda Atkins said...

ooooh!!! I want to see it! You should make an occasion to wear it.