Tuesday, October 21, 2008

swans, gowns, and bees.

This is a piece I just finished for my former book-making teacher, Cig Harvey. It's my long-overdue end of an artist trade - she's a photographer and I have one of her amazing prints. Since she and I both love vintage dresses, she asked me to paint a portrait of her in her wedding dress. (I had to photograph it since it wouldn't fit on the scanner, so bear with the color - it's much prettier in person! I'll scan her when I get the chance.)
"Portrait of Cig"
acrylic on masonite
I took some creative liberties, but that is a vintage camera in her hands. I painted a border with rounded edges to create the effect of an old photo (love beveled edges).
The real colors of the piece are best represented in the picture above.
Since Cig loves Proust, I used a small bit of one of his quotes. It was really hard to find a quote from Proust that would be fitting for a painting of a woman in her wedding dress! I found some amazing words from  him, but they were all just a little morbid for a painting that should be happy. I did save the ones I liked in a word document, though. :)
I can't wait to give her this painting! I had so much fun working on it. The wall paper was a blast to paint. 
Tonight Mom and I are going to see The Secret Life of Bees. We're very excited because we both loved the book. Based on the previews, the story line seems to be portrayed more light-heartedly in the movie than it was in the book, but I don't think I'll mind at all. The cast is amazing. Talk to you soon. :) Love, Amanda

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