Tuesday, October 28, 2008

love nest

Sketchbook drawing circa spring 2007.
I'm in favor of calling your living space a nest.
I have so many things that I've found lately that I want to show you, but I feel guilty for posting things that aren't my art in this blog sometimes. Yet, I think if you're an artist, you view the whole world as an enormous space for making art and being filled with beautiful things. I think that's why so commonly artists are also huge lovers of nature. And I'd like to share the things that inspire me here. So, expect a post soon of certain objects...


Sarah said...

I agree with you, about finding the world full of beautiful things! I have been trying to keep up with your blog lately (and am thinking of getting my own) and I love seeing all the amazing antiques and things you find ^_^
Life is art, that is why I bring my camera with me everywhere, I love catching people just living, enjoying themselves,
people are art

Krista Swiader said...

Is that a drawing of a boy!? :D Just teasin'