Thursday, December 4, 2008

bats on shoulders and a luminous show

A girl with a bat on her shoulder!
Model Madeleine Bellcar.
A bride with a black cat.
A painting Jackie O did for John F. Kennedy. I didn't know that she painted! It makes me love her even more.
I love these pictures! I found them all in the online LIFE magazine archives. You can find amazing things there!
I also wanted to let everyone know that the MIT Museum has an opening tomorrow night - Luminous Windows: Holograms for the 21st Century. Jackie Combs, my very good friend and a very talented graphic designer, was one of the artists who helped create the exhibition. The opening is at 5 pm at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, MA. I hope to see you there!


Kate said...

Ummm the bats creep me out a little bit. I'm okay with them flying, but hanging out on you? I wonder if they were trained?

Amanda Atkins said...

haha. once a bat got into my grampa's house, and we suddenly lost sight of it, and he turned around to look for it, and it was on his back! So...I think maybe they just put a bat in a room with a model and let it do its thing...I would love for a bat to land on me. haha

Shauna said...

ha ha ha i like the bat in the hair one... it seems so out of place for that time period... especially when the woman is ok with it in her hair. very interesting.

Amanda Atkins said...

I agree, about it seeming out of place and odd that she's happy with it in her hair! I like to think of all the so-called strange people in those times who had to keep their "abnormalities" a secret. I most likely would have been one of them. Actually, so many people I know would be considered strange back in the day, that I wonder if everyone just hid everything all the time?