Monday, December 22, 2008

The Tennessee Waltz

Today (December 21), it's been twelve years since my Nana passed away. I miss her everyday. As I get older, I miss her in different ways. I wish she was around to see what I've become. I always wonder what her reactions would be to the things I'm doing, the art I'm making. She was a gentle and beautiful person; a woman who loved her trees, red cardinals, gold brooches, decorating for Christmas, a cat named Buffy, and "rich" colors. My mom always tells me I'm a lot like her and that makes me feel very honored. So, I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of my Nana, Mary Claire. You can click any of them to see them larger.
And for Nana, a red cardinal in our yard yesterday.
I love the line of women that I am lucky enough to come from.
I love and miss you Nana (and Buffy). xoxoxoxo


A Painted Journey said...

Oh honey, this is the most beautiful tribute to Nana! I am about to cry it is so special and heartfelt... Mumsy

Kate said...

Have no doubt that she knows what you are doing and who you've become. Those we love never truly leave us.

nburnor said...

love love love love love these ! and you! xoxo