Wednesday, December 31, 2008

foxfire, new years, bad blackbird dreams, and owl plates

Happy New Years!!
The colors in this picture remind me of new years eve. Also, I just really love this picture. You can give me a cat and a navy blue slip to wear any day.
In my old journals, I used to keep a list of new years "firsts". When I located my first journal to take a picture of my list, I found some other great things. (You see, my first journal was started when I was 5 with help from my mom, and then took a four year hiatus until I was 9 and picked it up again on my own). So, in my journal's younger days...
A portrait of my family circa 1989 (handwriting by mom).
"Blackbird eating Amanda" (a scary dream I had, 1989)
I used to do illustrations of my dreams in my journal. I've always had freakishly vivid dreams, which I've kind of realized is only common among my artist friends (how neat!). I actually remember all the dreams that are drawn in my journal really well, although I wonder if I would have remembered them without the reinforcement of recording them on paper.
haha....a gorgeous portrait of my Padre. 1989
I was in Borders looking for a new book yesterday and wasn't really having luck finding anything. I firmly believe that books speak to you. I only buy books when I feel the connection. I'm not sure if you'll know what I mean, or if you do the same thing. I think we find books that are relevant to the time and place we are personally at.
So anyway, 
right when I was leaving, I saw this book and loooved the portrait on the cover and the title (since I love foxies). And the cover's color palette reminded me of my painting "The Escapist" (the unexpected bright, glowy orangey-red in an otherwise severely neutral color scheme)! I got really excited, but I was really sold when I turned it over to read the back and found out the main character's name is Amanda Lawrence (so similar to Amanda Laurel :). Oh, and also that it was made into a movie in the 30s, which I will obviously rent when I'm done with the book.
And I had to show you my new plates. :) I got them at Target in the little kids dining section. I kind of love finding really adorable dinnerware in anticipation of my future first-ever dinner party, of which sherbert punch has recently been added to the menu.
And that is all! I hope you all have a beautiful, safe new years with your friends and family. 2008 was definitely a lovely year!
p.s. - I think it's really neat how many people
have found my blog by google searching the last lines of the Benjamin Button
movie (which I included in my post on the film). I was
so, so touched by the last scene, and it's really touching to know
that so many other people were as well. :)

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