Sunday, December 14, 2008

giddy-up jingle horse, kick up your feet!

Today I got to see my lovely friend Nicole, who I haven't really seen since the summer since she has become a true New York City vagabond! We ate really amazing food (and fruit tarts!) at one of our favorite cafes.
Making Nicole laugh her great laugh by continuously taking pictures of her with her fruit tart and being obsessed with the sunlight coming in.
We went to the Mass Market at Mass Art (which used to be called the Punk Rock Flea Market). I got this bird cage t-shirt by destro.y. I looove it.
I also got lots of little tiny things for very little money! Yay for collections and $1 bags of ephemera! 
Today was just an absolutely wonderful day. :)
p.s. - I'm adding this in a little later from my original post. My mom just painted a set of brass reindeer statues light pink and put glitter on their backs. They look really beautiful. I was thinking about artists, and how every little thing they make kind of attaches to them, adding to the beauty of that particular person. All the things an artist creates are so much a part of who they are, such a representation of their imagination. A world we couldn't imagine without that person. I love it!

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