Saturday, December 13, 2008

luna moth

Stella by Star
My sketchbooks are full of notes and partial sentences and words that I don't give much thought to. I appreciate words in a lot of different ways, and in my sketchbook I appreciate them kind of for how they sound, or what they can allude to, rather than how they string together into a sentence that makes sense to everyone. 
I remember before I drew this making the lines in my head. The waves of the hair, specifically. I think all artists draw when they aren't really drawing. I find myself imagining that my hand is moving and drawing a certain image when I have to sit still. This girl was being drawn in my head, and I decided to get the sketchbook and just let her be real.
And speaking of sketchbooks (and words), I'm participating in Art House Co-op's "Sketchbook Project Volume 3"! My sketchbook, along with 2,000 sketchbooks belonging to other artists, will be on a six-city tour throughout the U.S. (and hits Boston on March 6th 2009). I'm also involved in Art House's "10,000 People Interpret One Word" project, which I am so very very very excited about.
Annnnd....Christmas time is here.
Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

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Kate said...

I love that page! Your sketchbooks have always been a pleasure and privilege to delve into.