Tuesday, December 16, 2008

light blue thread

Last night I was thinking about what I wrote two posts back when talking about my Mom's pink reindeer - about how when an artist creates something, it attaches to them and becomes a part of what makes that person beautiful. I liked the image that was popping up into my head when I imagined the reindeer as an extension of my mom, attached with light blue thread (kind of Frida Kahlo-ish). So before I went to bed I did this drawing for my Mom, and then one for Nicole - all the different things that make them artists, and unique in general. Even though they're just black and white sketchbook drawings, in my head is a special color palette for each person. A few other drawings are in the works for the other lady artists in my life. :)
Love, Amanda


A Painted Journey said...

Awwww... I love this post!! Thank you, honey... I love that you put a black cat on my desk where I'm working... you certainly know your mom :)

nburnor said...

this makes me so happy...so so so happy. xoxo